Business Immigration

Business Immigration is a great way to become Canadian

The wealth of North American countries is rooted in the spirit of entrepreneurship and the freedom of conducting business. Generation of self-employed people created ventures and successful projects in Canada. Having a great impact on the whole society, Canada encourages business immigration.

There are federal and provincial immigration programs. In addition, Quebec has its own programs if business immigration. We can generalize four types of business immigrants and for each of them, there are different immigration programs.


Immigration programs for investors are designed for people who possess money and who are ready to invest their wealth in the Canadian economy in return for acquiring permanent residence of Canada. The Federal Investor program had been closed in 2014. At this moment the only available program for investors is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP).

Start-up entrepreneurs

Immigration program for entrepreneurs who have innovative and creative ideas attract the best experts in various fields of high-tech. Foreign start-ups can get permission to immigrate with funding and support from investors if they have a unique business plan. Canada designed a Start-Up visa program for such foreigners.

Self-Employed Persons

Self-Employed persons are highly motivated to succeed in operating and growing their business in cultural and sports activities. For such foreigners, Canada launched the Self-Employed Persons Program. This program allows Canada to attract the best world sportsmen and artists, including professional sports players, athletes, singers, painters, writers, journalists, actors and other talented people from around the world.

International Entrepreneurs

Most provincial programs currently have streams for business immigrants. The reason for separate business streams in the PNPs is to attract entrepreneurial people to different places across Canada and to create new jobs for Canadians. As of now, there are over a dozen streams for entrepreneurs.

International Graduate Entrepreneurs

Immigration opportunities for International Graduate Entrepreneurs are one of the most recent categories of business immigration. Quite often, international students who graduate from Canadian post-secondary institutions have entrepreneurial skills. To retain those brilliant minds, several provinces developed International Graduate Entrepreneur streams within their provincial programs.


Several Canadian provinces encourage the immigration of foreigners who are willing to purchase and operate a farm. Such business-immigrants must possess relevant agricultural experience and be able to operate a farm.

Do you want to open a business in Canada or purchase the existing one? Would you like to invest in Canada and in return become a permanent resident of the country? Do you have an innovative idea? Call Intercontinental Global Immigration Solutions Corporation today. We will help you to immigrate to Canada.

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