Start-Up Visa Program

Start-Up Visa Program – is your way to build your innovative business in Canada!

Canada is definitely a start-up nation! The government of Canada even created a separate immigration program for entrepreneurs who have innovative and creative ideas. Canada is interested in the best experts in various fields of high-tech. Foreign start-ups can get permission to immigrate with funding and support from investors if they have a unique business plan. For such talented people, Canada established the Start-Up Visa Program.

Program eligibility

To be eligible for the Start-Up Visa Program, a candidate must satisfy four basic requirements. You need to have a qualifying start-up business. You must find an investor or designated angel group, or business incubator in Canada who will be ready to invest in your idea and provide you with the letter of support. You personally must also meet the language proficiency requirements and demonstrate enough personal funds to support yourself.

Processing time

According to the recent estimation by the government, start-up PR applications are reviewed in 12-16 months from the moment of submission.

PR application and Work Permit for yourself

Once you met all program requirements and your application for permanent residence in Canada is submitted, there is no need to wait at home while your application is under review. You can apply for a Work Permit and in this case, you will be your own employer. This will ease your settlement in Canada and allows you to start building your business and developing your idea. After all, the goal of the government is to create new jobs for Canadians, so the faster you begin, the faster you succeed to hire local workers and contribute to the Canadian economy.

Do you have partners in your start-up?

One start-up visa application can include up to five people.

How many start-up immigrants have already moved to Canada?

According to the official data by IRCC, since 2015, almost a thousand start-up immigrants were granted a status of permanent residents of Canada. Experts state that the level of successful start-up visa applications is increasing. In 2015, 55 start-up immigrants landed in Canada. In 2016, the number of successful cases increased to 110. In 2017, there were 135 start-up immigrants. In 2018 the number dramatically increased to almost 240 new permanent residents in this program. As of October 2019, 455 start-up visa applicants have landed in Canada.

Not surprisingly, most start-uppers go to the most technologically advanced regions of the country. 43% of start-up immigrants settled in British Columbia; 41% went to Ontario. Among the rest provinces, only Prince Edward Island attracted 9% of start-ups. The rest 7% settled in all other provinces.

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