Canadian Experience Class

Immigrate to Canada in the Canadian Experience Class program

The Canadian Experience Class program (CEC) is designed for foreign workers who gained work experience in Canada. Foreigners who already have lived and worked in Canada are already integrated into the Canadian labour market, therefore their chances to successfully settle in Canada are much better compared to candidates in the Federal Skilled Workers program. This program is served by the Express Entry system.

Program eligibility

You may become eligible for this program once you have worked at least 1,560 hours within 12 months for a Canadian employer in the occupation in the skilled levels O, A or B. Canadian Experience Class candidates should also meet the language requirements and pass the criminality, security and medical check to get a permanent residence in Canada.

Why CEC is better than FSW?

If you compare the CEC and FSW programs, CEC is somewhat easier to immigrate to. First of all, candidates in the CEC do not need to demonstrate proof of funds. Having Canadian work experience, and in most cases, temporary residence in Canada (most eligible candidates already live in the country as foreign workers or international graduates) allows CEC candidates to find a job. For that reason, the government knows you will have money to cover your expenses.

In addition, the Canadian Experience Class program has no mandatory requirement to get a higher education, Nevertheless, it can help you to score higher CRS points in the Express Entry.

Another advantage of this program compared to the Foreign Skilled Worker program is the chance to get points for work in Canada. Work experience of candidates in their home country gives them points only in a combination of another factor, e.g. language proficiency or higher education. While Canadian work experience gives you points without that dependency. For one year of work experience in Canada, you can get 40 points (or 35 points if you are married). Two years of work experience in Canada will add 53 points (or 46 for married candidates) in your Express Entry profile.

Are there disadvantages in CEC?

The only thing that can be regarded as a disadvantage in this program is that you first need to come to Canada as a temporary resident. This is possible in two scenarios – coming to Canada as an international student and completion of the post-secondary education program; or coming to Canada as a temporary foreign worker, which means finding an employer prior to coming to the country.

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