Alberta PNP

Come to Canada through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (Alberta PNP) helps foreign nationals to permanently reside in Alberta. The program was started in 2002. For almost eighteen years, it serves as a clear pathway to obtain a permanent residency in Canada and to settle in Alberta.

What streams there are in the Alberta PNP?

In 2018, Alberta completed a fundamental reform of the AINP. As of December 2019, Alberta accepts candidates in three streams: Alberta Opportunity Stream, Alberta Express Entry Stream, and Self-Employed Farmer Stream.

The Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) replaced the original Employer-Drive Stream and the Strategic Recruitment Stream in June 2018. This stream is intended for foreigners who are already in Alberta and who have a valid work permit in the eligible occupation. The eligible candidates must possess an LMIA-based work permit, LMIA-exempt work permit, or Post-Graduation Work Permit. The Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) is the best pathway for those who graduated in Alberta and gained work experience in the province.

In the framework of the reforms, the Alberta government decided to also integrate the AINP with the Express Entry pool of candidates. AINP reviews the candidates in the pool and sends Notifications of Interests to the candidates who have strong ties to Alberta or who can contribute to the provincial economy. In 2018, Alberta invited only 596 candidates in this stream, however, this year, the number of potential nominees has reached 6,752 in just eleven months.

In 2018, Alberta nominated 6000 candidates. In total, the province admitted 10,270 immigrants, including spouses and children of the main candidates. In 2019, Alberta PNP was allocated 6000 nominations for all its streams.

Farming is one of the most important sectors of Alberta’s economy. For that reason, the government created the Self-Employed Farmer Stream of the AINP which is aimed to attract foreigners to move Alberta in order to establish a farm business.

New Initiatives

As a response to the shortages in Alberta’s meat processing industry, the Federal government announced the plans to establish an Agriculture Immigration Pilot. The pilot will help full-time agriculture workers to obtain the PR status.

In fall 2019, Alberta started consultations regarding the Rural Renewal Program. The immigration department is currently working on the program and explores the options. The model for this program is Manitoba, which has a 20% newcomers retention rate in rural communities. The Rural Renewal Program will likely be linked to the Express Entry system.

Finally, Alberta announced plans to establish the Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program with a goal of 500 business nominees annually.

How the AINP works?

Every stream of the AINP has different selection criteria. To be sure that you are eligible for the program it is always better to consult with the professionals. We can determine whether you meet the education, employment, and language criteria for each stream.

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