British Columbia PNP

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program – immigrate to the Pacific Coast!

British Columbia PNP was first launched in 2001 to attract more immigrants to British Columbia. This province is the second most popular destination of Canadian immigrants.

What streams there are in the British Columbia PNP?

As of December 2019, British Columbia process applicants in three main categories: Skills Immigration (SI), British Columbia Express Entry (BCEE), and Entrepreneur Immigration.

The main difference between the SI and BCEE categories is that the latter is aligned with the Federal Express Entry system. Both categories have four identical streams: Skilled Worker, International Graduate, International Post-Graduate, and Healthcare Professional. However, the SI category additionally has a fifth stream – the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker.

Skilled Worker streams are designed to recruit international specialists in the occupations in which the local economy experience shortages. The International Graduate streams aimed to allow international students who completed their study to permanently stay in Canada. International Post-Graduate is developed for graduate degree holders in the sciences from eligible BC institutions. It is mostly focused on technology, health care, and applied sciences sectors. The goal of the Healthcare Professional streams is to bring more health care professionals to British Columbia. It is aimed at physicians, specialists, nurses and allied health professionals. Finally, the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker stream of the SI category is developed for workers in long-haul trucking, tourism, hospitality, or food processing occupations.

In 2018, British Columbia received 7,507 applications: 7,412 applications of skilled workers and 95 applications of business-immigrants. In total, 11,025 people immigrated to BC via the BCPNP in 2018. So far, in 2019, BC invited over 8,600 candidates to apply for a provincial nomination!

In addition to the SI and BCEE categories, British Columbia launched a BC PNP Tech Pilot. This program is aimed at candidates in 29 selected technology occupations. The pilot is helping the high-tech and ICT sectors of BC to recruit the top talented specialists from around the world.

As for business immigration, BCPNP has two streams for Entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category is dedicated to foreign businessmen who are willing to open and operate a business in BC. The Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot is focused on attracting foreign entrepreneurs to establish businesses in rural and remote communities. The Regional Pilot will help to develop the communities’ economies and encourage investments in rural areas.

Located between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, many believe that British Columbia is a real paradise on Earth. Do you want to immigrate to Canada via the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program? Contact Intercontinental Global Immigration Solutions Corporation is here to help you to fulfill your dream! Contact our experts for help!