Manitoba PNP

Immigrate to Canada in the Manitoba PNP)

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (Manitoba PNP) was the first program established under the Provincial Nominee Program. Today, it is one of the most popular immigration programs in Canada. The program was started in 1999.

Over the twenty years, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) attracted more than 130,000 economic immigrants. More than 20% of them settled in rural areas across the province. The province received approximately 70,000 additional immigrants through federal programs in the same period and only 11% of them settled outside of Winnipeg. In 2017, MPNP eliminated a backlog of cases and established a new standard that every application is processed in less than six months.

What streams there are in the Manitoba PNP?

As of December 2019, Manitoba has three main streams: Skilled Workers Stream, International Education Stream and Business Investor Stream. In turn, every stream may have several categories and each category may consist of a few pathways.

The two most popular categories of the MPNP are Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) and Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM). The SWO nominates foreign specialists who demonstrate a connection to Manitoba through the past study and/or work in Manitoba, family ties in the province, or invitation via the Strategic Recruitment Initiative. SWO is also connected to the Express Entry, so it can invite candidates from the federal pool.

The SWM is aimed at foreign nationals with the ongoing employment in Manitoba. It is also based on the needs of Manitoba employers. The MPNP selects experienced workers who have the skills in-demand in the provincial labour market.

In 2018, MPNP issued 5,119 skilled worker nominations, the highest number in MPNP history.  In total, the province admitted 9,895 immigrants, including spouses and children of the main candidates. In 2019, Manitoba was allocated 6000 nominations for all its streams.

The International Education Stream (IES) is designed for international graduates, who have completed their education in Manitoba’s universities and colleges. These graduates are ready to join the labour force so MPNP is willing to nominate them for the PR.

Like all the other provinces, Manitoba is seeking talented entrepreneurs and businessmen to run a business in Manitoba. The Business Investor Stream enables Manitoba to nominate business investors and entrepreneurs who have the intent and ability to launch or buy a business in the province and create new jobs. This stream has two pathways – the Entrepreneur Pathway aimed at regular businessmen and the Farm Investor Pathway, which concentrates solely on those intending to establish and operate a farm in rural areas of Manitoba.

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