Quebec Arrima

Immigrate to Quebec through the Arrima

The province of Quebec is a French-speaking province of Canada. The people of Quebec – Quebecois – have a distinctive culture. The federal government in Ottawa and the provincial government in Quebec-city work together to preserve the local culture that is based on French-language heritage. This led to the Canada-Quebec Accord that allowed the province to run its own immigration policy.

In 2018, following the immigration policy of the federals, Quebec launched its own online selection system which is based on the Expression of Interest of the candidate. The new system called Arrima is designed to manage and process applications in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

Arrima abolished the previous “first-come, first-served” process for foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to Quebec. These changes allow much faster processing time and merit-based selection criteria. Quebec invites immigrants with the highest chances to integrate into Quebec culture and society.

Program eligibility

Arrima allows every foreign national who is 18 years or older to register in the system and to express their intention to immigrate to Canada in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Candidates are assessed against the selection factors and granted points for each of them.

These factors are education level, a field of training, work experience, age, French proficiency, family in Quebec, arranged employment in the province, etc. To be eligible to register your profile in Arrima you need to score 50 points in case you are single or 59 points if you intend to immigrate with your spouse or common-law partner.

After the registration in the system, the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration (MIFI) knows you wish to immigrate. MIFI periodically holds invitation rounds in the Arrima. So far, as of December 2019, MIFI held seven invitation rounds and invited 1,757 candidates to apply for permanent residence in Quebec.

After you get an ITA, we have 90 days to prepare all your supporting documents and submit the application for immigration. The profile is valid for one year and we can update the profile at any moment before the ITA.

Once your application is submitted and reviewed, the officers of the MIFI will check your documents and make a decision to provide you with the Quebec Selection Certificate. After that, your case will be checked by the federal immigration authorities and you will get an immigration visa to Canada.

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