Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) that authorizes the employment of the foreign worker. At the same time, foreign workers must obtain a work permit to legally work in the country.

Canadian employers can hire foreign workers to cover labour market shortages or bring the most talented specialists from abroad to work for them. Nevertheless, Canada is interested to protect the workplaces for its citizens and permanent residents. That is why in order to hire a foreigner, employers must prove that they looked after candidates in Canada. Employers will get a permit to hire a foreigner, only if they failed to find a proper candidate in Canada.

Almost a quarter of all Canadian work permits require a positive LMIA. The processing fee for employers is $1,000 CAD for each worker they want to hire.

When is LMIA required?

A positive LMIA is required to hire Live-In Caregivers, Caregivers, Seasonal Agricultural Workers, and all other Temporary Foreign Workers who come to Canada not under the International Mobility Program.

How many positive LMIAs were issued?

According to the official data by the government, the number of positive LMIA in the first quarter of 2019 was is 38,348 (most of them were given to employers in Quebec – 12,612 or 33% and Ontario – 9,621 or 26%). In the second quarter of the year, Canada issued 25,570 positive LMIAs (most were issued in Ontario – 7,109 or 28.9%, British Columbia – 6,562 or 26.7%, Quebec – 6,137 or 25%, and Alberta – 2,949 or 12%).

In 2018, ESDC issued 108,139 LMIAs. Most of positive LMIA were given in Ontario (37% or 40,448), British Columbia (26% or 28,553), Quebec (20% or 21,254), and Alberta (8% or 8,831).

LMIA processing times

Current average LMIA processing times:

  • Permanent residence stream – 40 business days
  • High-wage stream – 85 business days
  • Low-wage stream – 120 business days
  • Global Talent Stream – 10 business days
  • Agricultural stream – 30 business days
  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program – 15 business days
  • In-home caregivers – 25 business days

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