Post Graduate Work Permit

Post-Graduate Work Permit is a great way to stay in Canada after your study

For many foreign nationals, a study in Canada is the only available pathway to permanent residence in Canada. The Canadian government is interested to retain foreign graduates as they already possess all required skills and qualifications to join the labour market in Canada. In addition, graduation from the Canadian educational institution means that they acquired the required level of English and/or French. For them, Canada established a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) program.

Applying for a Post-Graduate Work Permit

After you complete your academic study and graduate from your program, you can become a foreign worker. PGWP is an open work permit that allows you to legally work for any employer. PGWP can be issued only once and cannot be extended. The validity of PGWP is usually equal to a period of your study but no longer than three years. In most cases, all students whose programs were two years in length can get a PGWP for up to three years.

A PGWP allows you to work for on a full-time basis, to work for several employers combining two part-time positions, or to work as a self-employed, but remember that self-employment does not count for some immigration programs.

Program eligibility

Not all programs make you entitled to a PGWP. This must be an approved program that participates in the PGWP from the Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Private colleges are not DLI so there is no point applying to them if your goal is to get a PGWP after your graduation.

The program you have attended must be at least 8 months in duration, otherwise, you cannot apply for a PGWP.

You must apply for a PGWP within 180 days of the date of your graduation. This date is usually the date when you received a transcript or the official notification from your program about the completion of your study.

Immigrate to Canada

Post Graduate Work Permit makes international students eligible to apply for several immigration programs. After getting one year of Canadian work experience in a skilled job, you become eligible for the Canadian Experience Class program. In addition, many provinces have immigration streams of the Provincial Nominee Programs that target international graduates.

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